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The Petapru Earrings Meadow from the Petapru Collection are elegant and sophisticated. They have two cultured pearls and two mabe pearls, creating a captivating design. The earrings are 5 cm long and can be worn in different styles to show off the pearls. They are carefully made in Bali by a skilled jeweler, reflecting exceptional design and craftsmanship. By choosing these earrings, you support Bali’s talented artisans and their traditions.

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Timeless Elegance: Petapru Earrings Meadow

Classic Sophistication with Cultured and Mabe Pearls Embrace timeless elegance with the Petapru Earrings Meadow from the exquisite Petapru Collection. These stunning earrings, featuring natural oxidation, are adorned with not only two lustrous cultured pearls but also two captivating mabe pearls, creating a harmonious blend of classic sophistication. The combination of different pearl types adds depth and dimension to the design, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Elevate your look with these earrings, a symbol of refined beauty and grace that will effortlessly enhance your style with their understated luxury.

Effortless Glamour with Adjustable Length Experience effortless glamour with the 5 cm length of the Petapru Earrings Meadow, allowing you to showcase the beauty of the pearls in a versatile manner. Each earring, weighing approximately 9 grams, is meticulously crafted in Bali by a master jewel craftsman, demonstrating exceptional design and superior craftsmanship. The adjustable length enables you to wear these earrings comfortably while making a bold statement with their unique and elegant composition. Make a lasting impression with a piece that reflects your individuality and finesse with the Petapru Earrings Meadow.

Masterpiece from Bali: Petapru Earrings Meadow

Balinese Artistry and Masterful Craftsmanship Celebrate the artistry of Bali with the Petapru Earrings Meadow, a masterpiece handcrafted by a skilled master jewel craftsman in Bali. Part of the renowned Petapru Collection, these earrings embody the dedication and expertise of Balinese artisans, known for their meticulous attention to detail and creative expression. By choosing the Petapru Earrings Meadow, you not only adorn yourself with a pair of exquisite earrings but also support the tradition and artistry of Bali’s esteemed artisan community. Embrace the beauty and craftsmanship of Bali with these earrings, a symbol of elegance and sophistication expertly created with precision and care.

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