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Jewels are an accent to personality. Woman are free to wear what they getting out from conventional boundaries

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Exquisitely crafted for that one special individual.

Each month, we release a new collection of exclusive bespoke jewelry designs, each one unique and available for purchase. These pieces are carefully crafted for individuals seeking something truly special and distinctive, offering a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

designed with love

our collections


Dedicated to Francesca’s cat, Petapru. Inspired by her cat who is always with her when she works. Francesca imagined to get into the cat’s mind. ” If I were Petapru, which collection would I draw? ” As a result, the collection becomes petite and easy-to-wear because cats run, jump, sleep and cannot wear big jewelry.

Jewelry made silver and brass plated 22Kt gold with a white zircon.


A blessed beginning. A guided light, your North Star.

Silver and brass creations with colored stones.


the power of mother earth. Bali, a magical island, where you feel the energies and feel the thankfulness that everyone should have towards nature. The sacredness of Mount Agung and its energy are enclosed in these jewels.

Rings made with old Bali coins, resins, color stones, brass


The strength of Bali Island sometimes can smash your face, but in a good way. Bali challenges you, demands, makes you feel that you can overcome most of the life situations. These rings will empower you!!!

Jewels made in silver with the most  famous Diamond’s fake The Cubic Zirconia


“A woman with class is Timeless” (cit.)
Alice is a woman, Alice is love and strong temper,
Alice is a mentor. Alice is Francesca’s mother in law.

“An idea, a concept,
an idea as long as an idea remains is only an abstraction.
If I could eat an idea I would have made my revolution.
(cit. Giorgio Gaber)“

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